Rovinj — Croatia’s Hidden Istrian Gem

Tommy Lee
7 min readAug 12, 2021

My day starts slowly in Rovinj, just like the majority of my time in Croatia. Whenever I’m out the door before 9 am it’s just me, the other tourists, and a few shopkeepers. That does have its perks but after spending 3 weeks in Croatia the lifestyle has begun to wear off on me.

Rovinj is a beautiful port town located on the coast of the Istrian Peninsula in Northern Croatia. A three-hour ferry from Venice along the Adriatic, known for its olives, wine, truffles, and beautiful scenery

I start with one (most likely two) instant Nescafes that I’ve bought from the local Tommy or Konzum supermarket that is evitably around the corner from all my Airbnbs. My Airbnbs have been nice, studio to 1 bedroom apartments that never run me more than $75 USD, including this one in the middle of Old Town Rovinj. They come with everything I need, a mini-fridge, a small two-burner, maybe the euro washing machine in the bathroom, and a spotty but necessary wall-mounted AC unit that is commonplace on this side of the pond.

After I get my Nescafe, I’m out the door(sacrilegious I know to drink instant coffee in Europe, but I’ve gotta get moving somehow).

My backpack contains the following:

  • Travel hammock
  • GoPro 7
  • Liter of water (sparkling, or with gas, for this guy)
  • Almonds
  • Dried Figs
  • Snorkel (US Divers are solid and run you about $45)
  • Towel

I start my life on the streets by feeding my caffeine addiction and plopping down across the cobblestone street for a proper cappuccino with the locals. A group of 5–8 older men that swells and retracts every 15 mins or so but is constant. My guess is that the local gossip of the town, country, and the world is the topic to be discussed over the coffees that eventually evolve into Karlovacko and white wine (for some much earlier than others).

After my much more culturally appropriate cafe, I’m off on a 30 min journey to the rocky beach on the peninsula of Punta Corrente Park. I…